Cleaner (Chokebore cover)

by The Silence Kit



This is a cover of the Chokebore song from their album "Anything Near Water" (1995). It also incorporates their first version of the song which appears on their debut "Motionless" (1993).


She died during a thunderstorm, on the darkest morning in years, and I was ruined and undone and left raining like a leaf. It was fourteen degrees below on a screeching March 23. Don't look me in the eyes now, there ain't nothing in there to see. Jet black, slick and wide and glued to the walls.
Last night the whole of hell came down to bathe and dine with us and I met the strangest woman with skin that smelled like rust. She said "I've been in a crowd of thousands and each one had eyes like you. Yes, I've been in front of millions and they all had eyes like you. Jet black, slick and wide and glued to the walls."
No man with eyes can follow me, I have been condemned. Taught by the power that pities me, I learned to pity them, and I am a living lie.

-Words by Troy Von Balthazar.


released May 17, 2016
Patrick McCay - vocals, guitar
Benjamin Endling - guitar
Darren O'Toole - drums, percussion
Justin Dushkewich - bass


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Philadelphia / NJ Post-punk band

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